OmniFocus for iPhone 1.6.2


えっと、OmniFocus for iPhone 1.6.2 もリリース。

でも iPad対応の OmniFocus 2 が別料金とかだったら嫌だなぁ…
いちおう”OmniFocus for iPhone購入者はiPadでも使えるよ” ということだけど、iPad専用版が出るのか、現行プロダクトがユニバーサル化するのか不透明なのでちょっと心配ではある。



  • Groups are now considered actionable. They can block other actions in a sequence, and are eligible to become the first “next action” for a project. Groups are blocked by their children.
  • Groups and projects can now appear in Context mode perspectives.


  • Fixed a crash encountered when an omnifocus:///change-setting URL specified a setting which wasn’t registered.
  • Fixed a crash sometimes encountered when handling a “Send to OmniFocus” request from another app.
  • Fixed a crash sometimes encountered when leaving the Nearby list.
  • Fixed a crash encountered when deleting an action from the Nearby list.


  • Fixed a bug where Due Soon, Overdue, and Blocked items wouldn’t always update on schedule.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause duplication of a repeating due project or group during synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug where the Context screen was no longer showing its title.
  • Fixed 1.6.1’s regressions in navigation, which were causing bugs opening items linked from other apps (particularly calendar alerts) or moved within OmniFocus itself.
  • Fixed an issue where editing a task’s due date wouldn’t always update its overdue status.

Interface Polish

  • In Settings, reduced the size of the action buttons and updated the text describing the Safari bookmarklet.
  • In Bonjour sync settings, relabeled the “none” entry to say “Connect to database”.

安定性向上とバグFixについては、最後のDue Dateを編集してもすぐに反映しないというのが心当たりがあると言えばあるような(笑
OmniFocus 2(または OmniFocus for iPhone/iPad)が出たら、もう一度じっくり機能を精査してみよう。