OmniFocus for iPhone 1.6.1


OmniFocus for iPhone 1.6.1 がリリースされてます。





  • Perspectives now support “No Context” being selected in the sidebar.
  • Perspectives no longer show projects or action groups by default.
  • Perspectives can display items from the Inbox.
  • Fixed a bug where recently-edited items wouldn’t appear in perspectives right away.
  • Fixed flagged and duration-filter perspectives to stop showing parents of matching items.
  • Perspectives now implement the “Due Soon” and “Due Soon or Flagged” status filters.
  • Perspectives will now pay attention to saved searches.

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  • Updated the localizations for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Fixed a bug where the Record Audio button wouldn’t work when the language was French unless the device was rotated to landscape mode.
  • Fixed a similar bug where the Business Search and Always Available context location options wouldn’t work when the language was set to Italian, unless the device was rotated to landscape mode.

Interface Polish

  • Fixed a bug where the Edit button would fail to appear or disappear when updating a list of items on the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the Search screen would briefly display the status “No Results Found” before showing all the matching results.
  • Toolbar icons should no longer shift when entering action detail screens.
  • The text on the welcome screen is no longer slightly cropped.


  • Fixed a bug where calendar notifications wouldn’t display in iCal in the UK Region unless 24 hour mode was turned on.


  • Fixed a crash encountered when trying to delete a location from the Nearby List.
  • Fixed a crash encountered when adding a new action and saving without entering any information.
  • The Perspectives list will no longer crash when a perspective’s icon attachment is missing from the database.