Omni Focus 1.7.4 for Mac


OmniFocus for Mac 1.7.4 がリリースされています。



  • Updated the built-in English Help documentation to cover the latest features in 1.7. (If you notice any remaining documentation issues, please let us know!)


  • Perspectives once again have the option to always open in a new window.
  • Double-clicking on an action in Context mode once again opens its new window in Planning mode. (It will also select the action in that new window, so you don’t have to go find it again.)
  • Since the No Context group in 1.6 and later only displays actions which actually have no context (not those which have an invalid context), actions assigned to a dropped context will now appear in that context’s count rather than in No Context’s count.
  • In the Perspectives window, the table of perspectives no longer alternates its background color.
  • Stopped coloring view bar options when they differ from the default settings for a view mode. (Most of the built-in perspectives have custom options, so there isn’t a single “normal” setting for those popups.)
  • Removed the “clear” button from the right edge of the view bar, since it didn’t actually return to the previous view settings the way one might expect. (You can still return to a predefined view state by selecting an option from the Perspectives menu.)

Snow Leopard との互換性向上

  • Updated the OmniFocus Clip-O-Tron to be compatible with Mac OS X v10.6.1. (Reinstall the Clip-O-Tron from Clipping Preferences to make it start working again.)
  • Fixed a crash under 10.6 when dragging a linked file to the title of a new inbox item.
  • Fixed issue when running under 10.6 where the quick entry window would not hide open date pickers when it closes (possibly leading a crash the next time the date picker was used in quick entry). As a bonus, fixed some hover effect issues too.
  • Fixed a crash on 10.6 when hitting the down arrow while in a note with a trailing blank line. (This was exposed by recent 10.6 fixes to the text system.)
  • Fixed a crash triggered by an unhandled exception in 10.6.1’s standard date picker when pressing the delete key in an empty hours field.


  • Localizations for Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Simplified Chinese should now be up-to-date for all interface elements.
  • Localized help should work once again, though the new 1.7 updates introduced to English in this release haven’t been translated yet.


  • Fixed a bug in scheduling status updates for items with start and due dates.
  • Fixed a bug in restoring window layouts which could cut off the top portion of the window content (the view bar and top portion of the sidebar and main outline).
  • Fixed a crash when option-dragging an attachment into a context, project or estimate column.
  • Fixed a crash encountered when pasting graphics which include LinkBack data (such as PDF content pasted from OmniGraffle). LinkBack data on the pasteboard is now ignored (since OmniFocus doesn’t support editing of attachments) rather than causing a crash.
  • Eliminated a spurious console log message about not being able to write a file named .loaded into the Perspectives support folder when that folder doesn’t exist.


その他Snow Leopardとの互換性、バグの修正は着実に行われているようである。