Omni Focus 1.7.2


OmniFocus 1.7.2 がリリースされています。


  1. Fixed a bug that would cause some localized versions of OmniFocus to crash on 10.4 when clicking on the Clippings preference pane.
  2. The Japanese localization should now be fully up to date.
  3. Made some perspective archiving/unarchiving code a little more defensive to hopefully avoid a relatively rare error due to corrupted perspectives.
  4. Fixed a regression in 1.7 that could leave projects in the view after undoing past their creation.
  5. Fixed a bug where we could crash on a corrupted perspective.
  6. Fixed a bug where entering a long string (“next saturday”) in a formatted column in the outline (like Due) would crash if 1) you were running under Snow Leopard, 2) you had spell checking enabled and 3) the formatted version of the date was shorter than the input.
  7. Fixed a debug log emitted to the console only when running Snow Leopard.

6は特殊な条件下でクラッシュするバグの解消。これボクも遭遇したと思うのですが、再現条件が判らなくて放置してました。そうか、Snow Leopardであることが条件だったのか…