Spanning Sync 3.0.1

Spanning Sycn 3.0.1 がリリースされてます。



  • Fixed a bug where calendar data synced from Google wasn't getting sent to iCal in some cases
  • Default alarms are now created in iCal when alarm syncing is off
  • Default alarms are no longer created in iCal when alarm syncing is on
  • Fixed a bug where backups weren't getting made after upgrading
  • Behaves better with locked Mac OS X login keychains
  • IM labels are now synced
  • Deleting of postal address properties is handled better
  • Small fixes to German localization
  • The chances of getting a "server timeout" error are greatly reduced
  • Fixed a bug where iCal default alarms were getting deleted in some cases
  • Better handling of canceling a sync during the push phase to Google
  • Contacts deleted on iPhone and sunc with Google Sync for iPhone are now deleted in Address Book
  • Improved detection of duplicate events
  • Fixed a bug where detached events were sometimes not properly created/updated
  • Improved birthday support in calendars and contacts