OmniFocus 1.5 for iPhone

iPhone 3G Sの(米国での)発売、iPhone OS 3.0のリリースを目前に控え、そわそわしているユーザも多いようだ。
Omni Focus for iPhoneも新バージョン OmniFocus 1.5 for iPhoneが発表されている。

このOF 1.5 for iPhoneからは動作要件としてiPhone OS 3.0が必須となる。


  • OmniFocus now displays nearby contexts using a map. Touch a pin to see all the tasks in the corresponding context.
  • You can Cut, Copy, and Paste entire actions by holding down a checkbox in an action list. You can paste into an empty list by holding the "No Actions" text.
  • You can search through all your projects and actions using the new Search screen.
  • In Projects and Contexts screens, you can select All Actions to show a grouped list of all actions.
  • You can set up repeating actions and projects using the new Repeat screen.
  • Action lists now display each action's due date.
  • Web links in notes now open inside OmniFocus (rather than launching Safari).
  • Send Feedback now sends email inside OmniFocus (rather than launching Mail).
  • We've added experimental support for landscape mode and undo; both can be enabled under Settings.
  • NearByを地図上に表示できる
  • アクションリストで期限も表示される
  • ランドスケープモードとアンドゥーのサポート