MS-Office in A Retro Plastic Box


Google Appsに移行したのでいらなくなっちゃったという触れ込みの、新品未開封のMS Office 2007のパッケージなんだけど出品者の紹介文が

We never looked back, but here's your opportunity to live it up, 90's style, with this great, retro piece of Microsoft 2007 software.

Unique features include:
  • Lengthy key you have to register with a company!
  • Real, plastic disks known as "CD's".
  • Huge files saved ON YOUR COMPUTER!
  • The thrill of wondering if you've backed up your data recently after your on-site hard drive dies.
  • Appeased paranoia that your contacts will never be extracted by an international organization bent on stealing your identity and submitting LOL cats to all your business contacts.
Throw off the Web2.0 zeitgeist, and know that your entire business can fit in a single plastic box that can easily be left under a train seat.

As a bonus, your software will be Platform Dependent, meaning it will only run on "Windows" (not included).