Spanning Sync 1.1.3

例によって何のアナウンスもあなくSpanning Syncの1.1.3がリリースされてます。




  • Fixes a problem where lengthy syncs would fail
  • Greatly reduces memory usage when syncing large calendars
  • Eliminates a "referenced without syncing exception" that could happen after resetting Apple Sync Services
  • Fixes a problem where the sync would repeat twice in a row unnecessarily
  • Fixes a crash that could happen when running Mac OS X in Japanese
  • In Leopard, allows syncing of the Address Book Birthday calendar, CalDAV calendars, and subscribed calendars
  • Eliminates a false delete protection alert
  • Fixes a problem with Google passwords containing a "=" character
  • Spanning Sync no longer appears to be "not responding" in Activity Monitor when syncing large calendars